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Educational Centre of Nonproliferation of WMD

Educational Centre of Nonproliferation of WMD in Andronikashvili Institute of Physics exists from 2005 year. Centre was foundedby team of Institute employees, who took active part in establishment and development of the nuclear and radiation nonproliferation in Georgia for two last decades.

Former republics of USSR had not independent law enforcement services and after acquiring independence, building system of border protection was issue of first necessity.

Combatting illicit trafficking of WMD and with nuclear and radioactive materials in particular was especially important for Georgia caused by geopolitical reasons. Through Georgia passes shortest road from Asia to Europe and it is crossroad between North and South. Christianity and Islam, and most important, between states having nuclear weapons and those who aim to have it.

Newly established border protection structures had nor experience, neither skills for combatting illicit trafficing of Nuclear materials.

Andronikashvili Institute of Physics operated research nuclear reactor for more then 30 years, so there was enough experience and knowledge of managing of nuclear and radioactivematerials. It was natural thatInstitute was invited in several training programs for staff of border protection agencies. Most important among them were:
  • In the framework of SLD – Second Line of defense - installation of Radiation Portal monitors and preparation of Border Guard and customs stuff.
  • In the framework of export control program – training of Border Guard and Customs stuff in identification of materials and technologies of Dual Use. Afterwards frames of this projectwas expanded and biological and chemical components were added.
Most part of the personnel of border protection agencies passed through these trainings. After several years trainingprograms wereinstitutionalizedand passed to respective agencies.

During programs were trained high qualificationexperts, was received experience and collected and visual and training aids and demonstration kits. All this enabled establishment of training Centre for Nuclear Nonproliferation.

Especially must be noted assistance of partners fromUs, UK, Swedish radiation Agency, IAEA and other international organizations. Who helped us with experience and material and financial resources and made significant contributionto success of training programs and establishment and further development of Training Centre.

At present center organizes trainings for journalists, students of different specialties. Constantly goes on preparation of different courses for increasing of awareness for staff of government structures and general public. Besides training activities, Centre cooperates with Nongovernmental and international organizations, prepares publications and Hosts various events on nonproliferation.

Separate field of scientific and educational activities is facilitation and hosting of trainings in "Detecting of undeclared activities" for IAEA safeguard inspectors in collaboration with US PNNL. Training is carried out in Radiochemical lab of Applied Research Centre. Collaboration is going on from 2005. Must be noted that along with other training materials, students are using special appliances designed and constructed by experts ofAIP for inspecting and taking samples from unreachable places kind of ventilation chutes, draining traps and etc.

Fellows of the centre are participateng as speakers in international thematic forumson regular basis. Among them are: Annual meetings of US Institute of Nuclear Material Management, Nuclear Safety Congress of IAEA, RRRFR annual Lessons Learned Technical Meeting and many others.